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Transforming Robot Toys Alphabets Deformation Letters

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The alphabet transformer is an extraordinary toy and educational tool! With just a few twists and turns, each letter of the alphabet will transform into a palm size robot. Your kids will love playing with this toy & can’t resist more learning fun. These colorful handheld sized alphabets can also be combined into a bigger robot, which adds another extra dimension to the¬†whole idea of “Learning through playing”.

Hand Eye Co-ordinations: Connecting the pieces together requires co-ordination & the development of fine motor skills and your child will improve their accuracy and strength naturally through play.

Alphabet / Word Recognition: Consistent play with the alphabet transformers will help children to distinguish & recognize the shapes and sounds of the letters of the alphabet.

Color Identification: The alphabet transformers are designed to be bright and colorful, to help reinforce learning 5 basic colors РRed, Blue, Green, Yellow and Orange.


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